Suggestion - What if we had a SPCL (THE GAME) BUILT on Sportstalksocial?

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Greetings Sports men and hivers, I had these crazy thoughts yesterday and the more I thought of it the more it felt like it would be totally amazing to have it play in. I was gonna put this out just as a small suggestion in sportstalksocial discord channel but I figured it would be better to publish it directly on the platform, key reason being that there are more eyes here than the discord channel, so then, without wasting much time, here's the whole idea about this.


Right now we have a growing community built on Hive Blockchain and that's sportstalksocial. With @uyobong.sports always confessing on how bullish he is about the tribe I was triggered as a new Hiver who was kinda lost and seeking where I could actually start my hive journey from, build and grow from there. Sportstalksocial seemed like a perfect place to start, and with @amr008.sports having launched the recent engagement program with full support from the community, I think we can all agree that we are heading somewhere golden.

That said, today I'd love to present the boiling thoughts I've had since yesterday and the Community can decide if it's a GOOD to go idea or a total NO!

We've seen so many sporting websites, an example is Scorum and to be honest, I don't fancy it that much. Where there's the word "Sports" there's just so many things to have in mind. An example is Betting, or should I say prime? Yes I know that this is something I consider the team may have in mind to pull through, I believe There'd be a betting forum introduced for sportalksocial in future, but I don't fancy Betting much even though I try it out most times just for the heck of it. But there's one thing I think is never considered - Mobile Games!

Have you ever thought how sleek it would be if Sportalksocial launched a Game? Maybe SPCL which would obviously be a tokenized football game, where at this instance would create a wider range of Usage for our Sports Token and in turn as well, bring the community and the wider world together.

Gaming has turned out to be the frenzies of these later days, we've seen a lot of crypto-based games of which there are numerous on the Hive blockchain. I was honestly thinking about trying out Splinterlands and other Hive blockchain games and see what I could make of it, but having SPCL introduced to this tribe would be super, though I have no idea how much it would cost to get this done, but if we come together as a community, we can think of something, and it would be highly great if it's a mobile game which can we found on Apple or playstore.


Here is What I Fantasize The SPCL to look like.

Of course if the name isn't nice, it could be changed

That said, as though it would be a monetized game, there's obviously going to be some ground rules and needed investments to kick start.

It's a football game so one can sign up for a team, the Team name could be generated to something similar to accounts username, or maybe it would be free to choose a preferred team name. Just like the real world Champions League, initial games must be played to qualify for it, so a team has to pay for a starter pack, maybe a $10 for team registration, and this amount will be paid in Sports Token and that's about 100k sports token right now. The sport league will all be like a gamble but a much fun type, as though we know hefty amount of cash flows in all the football games we watch, the SPCL could be nothing less than that but in a tokenized form, and Only Sports Token can be utilized in the game, this will not only trigger the buying pressure on Sports Token, but also on the Hive Token. Reason being that Hive is the only tradable pair to other Hive engine tokens, players outside the blockchain who may have stumbled on this game would then be led to Hive, and by this but the sportstalksocial tribe and Hive Blockchain will expand, so it's a win win.

I proceed, every match will be tokenized, in the sense that there would be a reward for each game played, so then both teams would have to Stake $2 in sports token, and the SPCL game team will add just $1 making it $5 in total, the amount is what the winning team will take back home, and if it's a draw it would be splitted. The starter pack will only be needed again due a new season, so an initial investment of $10 and $2 stake per match can really stack up some hundreds to thousands of dollars and then at the end of the league, whichever team wins will go home with a grand prize of $100 paid in Sports Token due token price value at that moment, the same thing applies the the stake needed for each match, it all depends on the token price value at that moment, so if 1 sports token is $0.50 at that moment, you'd be staking just 2 sports token. So you see that if this game could possibly be built, it would surely have an amazing later days.

In-Game-Fees Also Applied!

What do I mean? You got to spend money to get money right?

During games there is bound to be some casualties, and by casualties I mean fouls. I hope we all know that when a player is booked for a yellow or red card the team has to pay a fine for it? Cool…

This is how I believe it should be done on SPCL, initially every foul committed should attract a fee but that may choke the match and drain too much money, so then, every yellow card a team player receives should attract a fine of $0.02, and a red card should be triple the amount considering the fact that two yellows cards need to be placed on a normal note to trigger a final red card, so then that would be $0.06 all paid in Sports Token. If by any chance the players being fouled sustains injuries, the charges placed on the other team would then be splitted, maybe a few percentage judging from how critical the injury sustained is. If there are no injuries sustained then the team handling this funds will have it sent to null, whatever sports tokens paid as foul fines will be burnt and that would help reduce the token availability thereby adding more value to it gradually. Any team that refuses to pay fines can't continue in the competition and would be charged double if he wants to re-compete next season. A match fixed should be exactly 90mins duration splitted into halves, just like a real football match, so the gamers could have a nice playing experience, so as such, matches are fixed and there's a live stream for fans to click on running matches and watch live, then if by any means a team doesn't show up for a game, the other team gets an automatic 3pts favor, and the team that ditched the match will have to pay a fee for such dissappointment to both the fans and the team they were to play against, all this makes it very addictive and will attract dedicated gamers, who knows it could beat major games out there…

Just imagine spending just 1hr30mins to have fun playing a game, win $5 for it, multiply by the number of matches you'd play through out the season, it would really be worth a lot, only if you build a strong team to compete, I mean it's a competition with Cash involved, what would really make it worth more is the ground price, Super right?

What if your Team ain't stronge enough to compete? Or what if you you lack funds to build your team and pay all the fines That may include later on?

OK this is where it gets interesting, to make this game So real and entertaining, there's a need for a market place within. So what is the market place for?

At the initial stage, one has to build his team, create the perfect formation and all that. But as the competition grows tough, one might see his team not being strong enough, so the market place will come in handy at this instances. A team can go to the market place which would have players put up by other teams for sale, the team manager can then go through the payers available in the market and pick, put an order for the player, discuss with the home team, and if the agreement if done, the player bought will automatically be transfered to the other team, and in all, only Sports Token can be used to make this purchases, and of course, the Sportalksocial team may decide to put up spotting kits in the markets for team managers to maybe purchase for his team players, it would then feel like a real world football game, we may even end up not caring about the real world leagues and focus on SPCL.

Now for the team lacking funds to cover all charges, I think it's obvious what they have to do. It's just simple, put up any desired player for sale, tag a price they are comfortable with and if another team finds it to be a good deal, they'd drop a buy request and once you discuss and agree to a ground price, you'd get your money in return for the player. This game could actually broaden the whole system entirely, creating a lot of revenue and cash flow, benefiting both the gamers and the game, and in an end point, benefit the platform and the blockchain it's built upon - HIVE.

Individual players performance would be ranked by the game, so this will make people interested in buying these players know their performance and determine if what they are putting their money into would bring value to their team. With the rank tables within the game, team managers can easily find well performing players and place a buy order for them even if they ain't placed in the market, with this, the team where this players are will be notified, then they'd think about it, if to accept or decline the request.

If SPCL GAME is ever created, it would really expose this blockchain to the world, there by boosting the Economy of the ecosystem. The sports token would get expose to so many Investors as though it now has a massive utility, and as I mentioned, this would equaling benefit Hive in so many ways.

To conclude this, a betting site would be handy on Sportalksocial, not only should the community be able to bet on real life sporting events, they can now bet on SPCL fixtures that is if played in. It would be vital if fans can log on there and bet on their favorite team players, all done with the Sports Token. Then half of the money made on all these could go to the Sportstalksocial Team, and Half could be kept in Sports Funds, isolating them from the markets, or if not splitted in equal percentage, the better figures could be decided by the Community.

Thanks for reading, this is just a suggestion so now am left with the community to decide and discuss below if it's a good idea. For the game to be built would require a lot of funds I presume but as a commuity, we can think of something for that better of all.

Do US all a favor by reblogging this post so that others can see it and lay their ideas on the topic, Thanks Again.


I find this interesting . I will re-read it later on once I come back . I have reblogged it .

Thanks I appreciate it :)

I love this idea and was actually working on something similar last year. My goal was building NFTs (only purchasable with SPORTS) that could be paired together like Splinterlands cards with various skills (and purchasable upgrades) that would have benefit based on the position they were played in. For example quick hands wouldn't be good on a striker but would be perfect for a goalie type thing.

The mechanics I had envisioned were slightly different. The games were free to play in the ranked field but players had fatigue. That being said you could buy things like sports drinks that could replenish their fatigue to get back on the field without rest and move up the rankings. The higher your team was ranked then the higher each NFT got paid. The NFTs would then age based on the number of seasons they played in and after time they'd retire and you'd be able to burn that card to get all of the players earnings released as SPORTS back out.

I was all the way finished with the design process and was even, very slowly, coding it myself to bring out. Then I heard about Rabona and kind of dropped the idea altogether since they easily were beating me to market with execution. I didn't think it would work well having two similar soccer games on chain. I've debated having another game idea that used similar mechanics but would probably move away from football if I tried moving in that direction. Now that we have the proposal system I really hope someone with far more skills than I have can help bring these ideas to life!

I must admit that hearing of Rabona kinda killed the zeal and attachment I had for the idea. It just almost had the same basics and like you said, it wouldn't be nice having two games on one chain which are almost the same.

Yes, we need these types of games! I just hope we can attract some people that can built it

Isn't this such a brilliant idea for sportstalk social community?
Amd i think i like the name as well but if the community decides on changing it then no qualms.

About the team putting up their players for sale, i didn't really get that part.
Does it mean any team can decide to purchase a player from whichever team not minding if the player is on their team?

Like i mean in the real football. You know when a player isn't doing too well in a particular team, he or she is replaced with another player but from the same team.
They don't just take up any player from another team, so is it going to be the same with SPCL?
Like is the purchase going to be done within the team or one can purchase a player aside from their team?

How about people watching the match? Would there room for such? Like can it be built in a way that people invest to watch other people playing the match?
This is a very nice idea and suggestion, and one that can group the Sportstalk Social community being that we have a lot of gamers even in the real world.

Hahaha seems you don't follow football a lot. A team can always decide to sell off their players, so then if team A puts a player on sale, Team B can decide to buy that player if interested.

And for the Viewers, they won't necessary have to invest to watch a MATCH, it could all be live streamed So fans can just log on and watch their favorite team play, also, it could be pre-recorded for people who weren't avaliable to watch live.

This is just how I Fantasize the game to be, if WE as a community can build it, it would be SUPER!

Idea is intresting....
As I know Robana is the game but not using the sports token...
The new game is something I always wanna try...

I'm just hearing of Robana, if SPCL can be built it would be better

Solid read. I decided to pen my reply as a full post. Read via this link. Thanks for these beautiful thoughts.

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