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Good morning everyone and a happy new week to you all, today am so sorry about the loss we had in the game against Cameroon.

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It was a bit painful as Nigeria loosed to Cameroon in the international friendly and I was expecting to see Nigeria win the game.

Well they did their best in the game and I would really appreciate all the players, because they did well and the coach as well for his well-defined effort in the putting the team together.

A big shout out to all Cameroonians for this win and I hope they do keep it up as well. They did a great job and it is a well-deserved victory.

And we hope that the Nigerian team has learnt their lessons as well.

Am very sorry this post is coming late and I hope am forgiven and thanks for your support as well.

Have a lovely week ahead.


The nigerian football team are not giving good performance like they they used several years ago,i blame the football federation in the country..

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Well I will agree with you on that and we just hope things get better as well. Thanks for stopping by @awesomeinfo

Better late than never. The super eagles were very disappointing. To think they couldn't register a goal against Cameroon.

Hope they pick up a lesson or two from this defeat, play more as team and improve their game in subsequent matches

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Yeah I totally agree with you.