Adieu to the Legend Footballer

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Adieu to the Argentine football legend, Diego Maradona who passed away on Wednesday, 26th November 2020 at the age of 60 due to a heart attack would be laid to rest today in his hometown.

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in the year 1986, Maradona, in his time helped Argentina to win the World Cup. He is one of the soccer players who made soccer a place.

He was a talented, skilled, man who loved what he does and was a professional footballer and coach to the core.

It was known that Maradona started his career with Argentina Junior at a young age, and he went on to play for the team which he won the world cup making him the legend in Argentina of his time. He was awarded as a two-time winner of the FIFA Player because he was a great player.

Diego Maradona though has gone to rest will forever remain a legend when it comes to football because of his great impact during his stay.

Because of his contribution to football, the world is in grief for the loss of this legend and would be missed greatly for his impact. He has played for so many teams like Barcelona and Napoli before his demise.

It is a pity that he left us but all we can say is may his soul rest in peace.