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Today, we hear about how good a player is or a coach and tomorrow we hear about how bad they've become for the team and should be sold out to another team, Why?

This is getting out of hands. The way fans, team members and coach criticise there fellow team mates is disheartening.

The mid-field player of Manchester United, Pogba who was once the talk of the town of how good he was on field is now the focus of attention of how bad he is getting.

Critics are not making it funny as thay make sure to criticise his inabilitites today on field and which isn't a good way to go.

Lukaku who was once a defender of United also faced this issue but surprising enough, after he was sold off, many people started realizing his worth as a defender in Manchester.

Critics kills not just the victims vibes and ego to do more but also kills the vibes of the team and those around them.

Blaming one person for the failure of a team isn't right and should be stopped. We shouldn't only appreciate people when they are up and doing but also appreciate them in their worst situation to encourage them to do more.

This players and their coaches have the best thought for the team but what happens when they are been criticized.


Problem for Pogba is that everyone thinks he can be better without recognizing how good he is already.

Never rated him and they sold him once only to buy him back. He thinks he is better than he is and needs to grow up. Instead of knuckling down and performing when the team needs him he has been a loose cannon. It will be interesting when they sell him to see how much teams are prepared to pay. He is a massive gamble as he is so inconsistent and a trouble maker in the team. He has always thought of Real Madrid or Barcelona instead of helping his own team. The problem is he thinks he is a superstar and he isn't.