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Like we all know, we do exercise to keep fit and many of us do exercise to keep fit or in shape but we most times forget that there are other benefits of exercise to our physical body, health, and entire well-being.

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Nowadays, so many have regarded exercise with a nonchalant attitude and they feel it is not important. many can't even remember the last time they did exercise or sporting and feel it is not important to their health and entire well being.

Show me a man who isn't doing exercise and I will show you a man who takes out one hour of his time to do a workout. Most times, it might just be strolling from one end of the street to the other or a run, then we would see the difference between both men.

Those who don't indulge in exercise easily fall sick, I bet you know these.

I remember when I use to follow my peers to go an early morning exercise, we most times use to jog from the end of the street to the other and I can tell you those years was a free moment for me as I never complain of sickness. Sure, we are human and may fall sick but not as those who from year after year do not take out time to exercise their body.

Nowadays, people get little or no exercise are not bothered about the outcome of not doing exercise on their body. Not having an exercise has negative side effects which we can probably avoid.

When we refuse to do exercise we have our hearts, our brain, your bones and joints which becomes stiffed as a result of no exercise, your risk of having cancer is high, you will be overweight, and will probably have a bad posture.

One of the things exercise does to our body is to lighten our mood and makes us refreshed which makes us smart and ready for the work ahead of us in a day. It gives us the energy to work but little or no exercise deprives us of this energy and makes us feel weak or fatigue at the end of the day.

When we run or stroll, we sweat and as a result of sweating we burn most calories which help us in reducing most diseases that may probably be in our system, and as we exercise, there is flow or circulation of blood during that process which circulates blood to the right area in the right proportion.

Not getting enough exercise can make an impact on what will be going on in our body which most times are not good for us as they make us get old easily and makes our body weak to fight any disease that comes.

We most times feel pills, food and the rest may help us which isn't wrong but sport works and helps in making us look younger and active.


Very true. The body needs exercise regularly. While we eat healthy, we must also strife to stay fit.

Yeah, you are right about that as many people allow food and pills to take the place of exercise. Thanks for stopping by