Imagine A World Without Sport

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Yeah friends, sitting down to think how the cycle of life is, I was surprised to ask myself this question, "What would this world have been without sport"? Then I realized that the world would have been dull, boring, and quiet without sport.

Whichever sports we may be thinking of, the world won't have been complete without them.

Looking at how many people pay money just to watch football in a gaming center, people forgo their food just to sit and watch football, so many people bet just for sport. You rarely see that in a movie.

Even when so many have their Nepa source in their homes, they still prefer to go out and watch with the rest of the people who are lovers of sports.

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The funny part of this is, the next day, the news about the previous sports goes about. In twos, threes, and the rest, you hear them gather and talk about the sports activity.

You hear them talk about the victories, defeat, and where one football club or the other went wrong. You hear them talk about the player that wasn't good on the pitch, the do's and don't about the previous sports.

Football brings unity and togetherness to both the players and the spectators. It is an avenue for learning and a place for interaction and meeting friends and different people.

Lols... I guess you don't grab what I am thinking. Many sports fans can bet for the winning team but they can't bet for a winning actor or movie star.

Imagine if there wasn't activity like sport, what would the world have been like?

No team to talk about after the previous match, no stadium to sit and watch. Just nothing about sport would be happening. So many would have left for another planet just for sport. There will be no fun, no shouting about which team is winning or not, no bet, no GOAL!, no rumor and after talk about the previous match.

Sport plays a role in our lives both physically, intellectually, and otherwise. It helps in easing our stress and fatigue. It helps calm the brain and helps the brain function just well.

What do you think?


Many sports fans can bet for the winning team but they can't bet for a winning actor or movie star.

Amazing thoughts there. Indeed sports is not just a sector of the economy, it is a way of life in itself. Solid read.

Thank you sir for your words.