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RE: Getting out of a slump: What to do when your fitness level suddenly drops to nothing

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Oh My God, you sure know how to represent with the picture above what happens to us after refusing to go out, and yeah, I agree with you on that. We most times tell ourselves, I will probably go jogging the next day but end up letting our sleep take the better part of us.

A few days ago, I told someone of how I plan to go back to my early morning jogging which helped me lose a lot of fat not like I am too fat now but I realized how much of a lazy and sick person I have become not going out for my early morning routine anymore but the truth is, up till today, I still can't wake up very early to do that and I doubt i will be able to do that now because I so much love my sleep.

But with this great idea of yours, I think it can help me if not very much at the beginning but in the long run, feeling lazy to go out won't become a problem anymore.


well i hope you are able to pull it off. In times in the past when I fell into a "slump" i found it sooooo difficult to take those first steps, then the rest was easy. That's the crazy thing about fitness in my world, it is mostly a mental, not a physical game.

Yeah right and I hope so too because it is really making me lazy and I get extremely tired when I try to stroll for just 5 minutes.