Sporting Memories: My Fear For The Pitch

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In my last post, I had said that sport brings people together to learn, and indeed it is of truth because reading through the post of @cryptoandcoffee he confirmed it.

> Sport brings people together from all walks of life and in some cases especially team sports it breaks down barriers. For the time you are playing as a team you are all equal and have each other's backs as that what sport does.

Although, I haven't been a lover of being in the pitch. but my friends and backyard was my fun place when it comes to sport. My few times in the pitch have been a wonderful and terrible one to remember.

There is something that intrigues me about sitting to watch others play while I cheer them but my teachers just won't let me be a bencher all because they feel I have the height to play volleyball.

Yeah, they may be right, but I knew playing on the pitch with other better ones wasn't my thing, I was afraid of getting injured. Just so I don't get flogged by my teacher for refusing to be obedient.

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After some time of trying to let them see reasons with me but they wouldn't, I finally succumb to their words.

It was a ritual in my school that before the break, the student played the sport. It happened that we were to play with the senior students in volleyball and I was among the people chosen to play that particular day.

The scheduled day came for us to play and I was already panicking because I knew the filed was going to be hot.

I changed to our matching sports uniform as we were called to come out. I was the defender in the pitch.

At first, all was going on fine until the second round when the table turned around. I actually can't remember what took my attention off the field but what I can remember was that I was hit badly on my head by the ball that got my head spinning till I fell on the floor.

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I was rushed out of the filed which I was grateful for because I had been praying that I will get to leave the pitch.

I was given ice to press my head since I was complaining of a headache but thankfully, my team won the match.

After the match that day, my friends made fun of me. I withdrew myself when it was time for sport, I would run into the school closet to lock myself until after sports period.

Those fun time remains in hearts and will always remain a memorable one.


I remember getting beaten by the masters for bunking practice. I take it the girls also got flogged then for being disobedient. I think at the time I may have hated certain aspects, but it made it more memorable in good and bad ways.

Sure. We were flogged so we could follow rules because girls are in fact the most stubborn and troublesome people to deal with.

This is interesting girl
I'm just imagining you on the sports wear😁

Thanks, dear. It was cool though.

I like volleyball, I'm not sure what it means to be flogged though.