The Fun in sport: My Weekend Experience

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So during the weekend, I decided to engage myself more as I joined the little children in my compound to play football when I saw them playing ball.

Although it been long I played ball not to talk about touching the ball as I am not a fan of being on the pitch, I love watching others ball and I cheer for them but then it was obvious I have missed a lot not being on the pitch.

One of the reasons I fear the pitch is because I am so afraid of having the ball hit me on my face. After I had the experience been a goalkeeper in my primary school, I promised never to stand in a goal post. Well, that's a story for another day but today, I am talking about the fun of playing football.

I am talking about the fun one derives playing ball with her friends or people around. Lest I forget, I don't even know how to catch the ball not to talk about to play or even dribble, not for the fact that I was their senior, those children would have pushed me out of the pitch because I couldn't even touch the ball with my leg.

Actually, I met them playing already and I decided to join them. Funny enough, they thought I was a good player, so they happily gave me a group to join and the group I joined was so happy having me, not knowing I was going to be a pain to them.

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When the ball was played to me before I could touch the ball, the other team would have gotten to the ball before me and we were scored two to zero. I was dribbled and it was so hard for my feet to touch the ball all through the game period. they laughed at my effort in touching the ball because it was unsuccessful.

As if that wasn't enough pain to my team, they decided to make me their goalkeeper in the second half, I could see the pain in their eyes but I was there to have fun.

The game started again and my team was able to score twice which made it an equal, 2-2 and they were happy that they were able to score.

Although, I was afraid as hell because I had promised myself not to stand in the goal post but for the sake of the fun I was having, I did not think about it.

So it was fifteen (15) minutes to go and my team was thinking of scoring the next and the pitch was becoming hot in the long run. I can't tell what happened but then I saw the ball coming and I prepared myself to catch the ball but unlucky for me, my hands didn't get the ball but my head. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I didn't know what to do as I started having a headache immediately, I felt like crying but I just couldn't shame myself and cry in the midst of these children and to make the matter worst, they were all laughing. The ball was so strong that my eyes were red as a result of the hit I got from that ball.

I had expected such happenings and knew but, to be honest, I enjoyed myself on that pitch as it has been long I played ball for fear of being hit with the ball.

It was a wonderful experience and a one I won't forget in a hurry as I went back home immediately and decided to use a hot balm to press my head for fear of having it swell. I enjoyed myself.


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