NBA Prediction Contest + BONUS

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Friday Night @ 9:00 PM EST


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In the first round you will predict the winner of the game listed above.
If you do not choose correctly you may NOT move on to round two.
In the second round you will predict the score of each one of the teams.

You may NOT change your answer after you commented.


  • Correctly guessing the winner of the game: 

    33% upvote  (1500 SPORTS)

  • Come within 10 points of the actual score of the winning team: 

    33% upvote  (1500 SPORTS)

  • Come within 10 points of the actual score of the losing team: 

    33% upvote  (1500 SPORTS)

  • As you can see, you can obtain a 100% Upvote
    if you pick the winner correctly and then you are
    within 10 points of the winning and losing team.

    Your comment down below should look similar to this:

    Raptors - Win
    102 - 97



    Get a a "BONUS" token for free if you become
    a 100% player in any one of my contests.

    The "BONUS" token is available on Steem-Engine and
    you can currently buy or sell the token.  The more
    "BONUS" tokens you possess, the higher your reward.

    So if you currently hold 2 "BONUS" tokens and you are a 100%
    winner of my "NBA Prediction" contest, you will double your
    "BONUS" tokens.  Thus, you will now have 4 "BONUS" tokens.

    Likewise, if you are presently holding 7 "BONUS" tokens and
     you are a 100% player, you will then have 14 "BONUS" tokens.

      Currently, you can purchase one "BONUS" token for one STEEM.

    You can join my discord channel here:

    You can buy the "BONUS" token here:


    Raptors - Win
    111 - 91

    Raptors win 86 -81
    Not bad!

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    You can also delegate and get weekly payouts.

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