Tottenham to begin player overhaul


It is not long ago that Nuno was presented as the new coach of Tottenham. He took over a team marked by Jose Mourinho, who was the latest permanent coach of the London club.

Now Nuno has been in control of the team for a few weeks and now he has decided which players he can see himself using in the coming season. This has meant that 6 players face an uncertain future. According to the Mirror, Tottenham will be very open to bids for players such as Erik Lamela, Lucas Moura, Serge Aurier, Davinson Sanchez and Moussa Sissoko.

In addition, they will not reject bids for Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld if the price is right. The Belgian wants to try his hand in a new league, and Spurs have chosen to accept that.

Eventually, the club will have to turn the situation around with their captain Hugo Lloris when he returns from holiday.


wow... this is a wise decision by the Tottenham board. the team need an exceptional coach just like this. Nuno as been so fantastic with his managerial way of coaching players. the choice of selection is so unique, and i love it.

With fantastic coach like this i expect Tottenham to perform well in epl for next season that is about to commence. but i still think he need to maintain a fine relationship with the players so he can make a nice decision concerning how to bring out the best in the players.

he might make a name for himself by collecting a cup for this team (who knows?). Leicester that came from relegation just few years back have won 1 epl and 1 FA cup

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this is a fantastic move by the Tottenham board to bring in a versatile coach like this on board. i hope the team will be able to compete well this time around.

though the coach has not really achieve that much in his career but i believe with his skills Tottenham can make something out of it.

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First of all, really nice for the Tottenham club to land a proven coach like the Portuguese football manager. Great to see he in the process of rebuilding the team already by scrapping out some players.

The Spurs club indeed need an overhaul if they truly need to challenge the top guys. I believe They got the best man for the job if they need real transformation at the Club. Many weak legs in the team.

With what Nuno Espírito Santo was able to pull of at Wolverhampton a lesser club compared to Tottenham, he will be able do much more to land a title soon and secure a place in the top 4. It wouldn't be easy but I believe if there's one coach that can do, it's got to be the Portuguese

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This only happen when a techinical coach takes over a football team.

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A very good one at first for the Spurs for bringing in a very dedicated coach like him,the former wolves coach is one of the most celebrated coach in England.

Nuno Herlander Simões Espírito Santo decision on overhauling the Spurs team is the best thing that is needed at the white Hart line.

With some many weak legs in the squad,laying them off and bring in new and fit one's is the way forward for the Spurs if they are to return back to champion league football

The 47 years old Portugal man is known for his attacking style of play and I expect that one's player mentioned are sold and new ones are getting,Spurs will be back to theirs best days.

It is very vital for the club to bring in new legs if they are to improve from a very disappointing performance they heard last season where they finish behind the champions league ,but manage to qualify for the Europa league football

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