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RE: Should they have stopped the Crute fight at UFC 261?

In the press conference, Dana said he thought it was a serious injury. But I can't find anything online about Crute having a serious injury. His instagram just says that he's gutted by the stoppage.

This doctor explains what might have happened, and why a fight doctor would have stopped the fight.

This was definitely a bad event for legs, but a great event for fans! Even though I lost all of my Weili bets :(


Ok, this is a nice breakdown and certainly helped me to understand the ring doctor's logic. Of course the ring doctor was under a lot more pressure to assess the situation quickly and I wonder what was going through his mind at the time... he obviously didn't have the time needed to go through this level of analysis and was going on visuals alone.

That being said I haven't read anything about what was actually wrong with Crute. I'll probably look into that now

Even though I lost all of my Weili bets

I'm quite certain a lot of other people did as well. I didn't have time to place any but I would be willing to bet that a Rose KO 1st round would have been a VERY BIG payout as no one saw that coming.