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RE: Max Could Face Bigger Sanctions

I don’t see why Max should be punished harder. We do want close racing and after a ling time we do get close racing.
At Silverstone it was indeed Hamilton who did get and deserve the blame, here it was Max his fault.
Compared to the punishment Hamilton got in Silverstone, the punishment which Max did receive is out of proportion! He only got this severe punishment because of the teo cars on top of each other!


I have to disagree with you on this as Max's actions were intentional as he should have pulled out and given way. Hamilton had something similar on lap 1 and pulled out. We have seen this before with Schumacher taking out his rival to win the title. Hamilton was to blame for Silverstone and don't believe that was intentional but very bad judgement.

For us it is impossible to make judgement between very bad judgement and intentional in some cases. Both probably were expecting that the other one would pull back.
I never have raced at this speed, I only give my 2 cents.
Also I don't favor anyone of them. But this is what the F1 did need. Two races from different teams having a shot at the title.
It has been a long time ago that the races where so interesting. And the remainder of the season will be full of controversy! Max has the advantage of still having a team mate, while Lewis won't get anything for free from his one!

Totally agree and hoping McLaren can start competing with Mercedes and Red Bull. Perez must just qualify higher up the grid if they want to win the constructors title this year. There are going to be twists and turns still so anyone can still win this.


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