How is your FPL team shaping up?

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I started getting into the fantasy premier league towards the end of last season and it has been a roller coaster experience. I think the highest score I was able to get per game week was 75 or so, can't recollect vividly. As the new English Premier League will be kicking off this coming weekend, it is time to select your FPL team and stand a chance of getting g a headstart ahead of many others that will only join later. I hope to get as many point as possible each game week, hence, I will be making as much tweak to my team as possible. Let's look at my initial team selection.


One thing I focused on while choosing my team was to garner as much points as possible in game week 1. This might be a source of catalyst for me for the rest of the season. Guaita is a decent, not too expensive goalkeeper that is sure to start every game barring injuries. It was a no brainer selecting him so as to cut cost for more valuable outfield players. I built my defence around two premium defenders that were in top 5 performers last season in the persons of Trent Alexander Arnold and Robert. I also decided to select two premium midfielders and one premium attacker. I took a bit of gamble with Timo Werner because he's a new recruit into the EPL and may or may not hit the ground running. But that price, if he hits the ground running, he would be a steal.

One thing I also took cognizance of is the fact that the two Manchester teams are off for game week one due to their busy schedule towards the end of last season. Hence, I avoided including any of their players in my team for game week one. Of course, Kevin De Bruyne is one player I must have in my team after game week one. Perhaps I will sacrifice Sallah or Aubameyang depending on their performance in the first game. One thing though, my bench is shitty and I really hope all my first eleven would start this game week.

Barring any last minute injury or transfer, I don't intend to make any changes to this team. For the FPL enthusiasts, what do you think about this team?


You went heavy in defence. Good choice though, since Liverpool will most likely wipe the floor with Leeds but it is a bit too pricey to add both.

The tactics is to go for 2 premium defenders, 2 premium midfielders, and one premium attacker. I might change this if I see that its not working for the first few games. But both TAA and Robertson were top performers last season.

I'm glad there some kind of FPL players here on Hive. I most likely will create a community or discord channel so we Hivers might have a "Hive FPL group". What do you think?

That's really not a bad idea. Lemme know when you do.

Hi Guys, I have made a HIVE FPL Mini League

I also have 2 competitions running for a chance to win hives

Details are below

Superb initiative. Will definitely participate. Curie will show you a bit of love.

Can I still join this? You can also join the one I sponsored on Scorum

You can also join fanteam own and compete for €1m prize. You need a €25 ticket to join which is given free of charge by Scorum.

Would love some help to run the football community that I just created what do you guys say if we can collaborate

Good one. Let me know when you create it. I wish to join

You can also join the one I sponsored on Scorum to win couple of SCR.

You can also join fanteam own and compete for €1m prize. You need a €25 ticket to join which is given free of charge by Scorum.

Just only few more hours to go