My FPL report: Game Week 1

The new English Premier League eventually kicked off this last weekend and everywhere has been buzzing. A lot of excitement was witnessed with a few debutants putting up a good performance - some even going as far as netting a goal and/or providing assists. In all these, it was a mixed feeling for FPL managers.


I was able to garner a decent 60 points from game week 1, thanks to a 3-stars performance from Mo' Sallah. It was a frustrating game week for me to see a player like Egan and Mitrovic not starting games when I had missed an earlier memo of Burnley's game being canceled. In all, 3 players were more or less missing in action for me. That I was still able to stack up 60 points is nothing short of a miracle.

Moving forward

So I decided to utilize my wild card chip for game week 2 and focus on having 3 premium midfielders and one premium forward. Kevin De Bruyne is a must-have for me as we all know that he has been one of the most consistent players in the EPL. So I brought him in and then reshuffled some other parts of the field to accommodate my transfer budget. Justin, Lewis Jamal, and Rob Holding had a decent performance in game week 1 and were available for cheap. Hence, I replaced them with a backline of Alexander Arnold, Robertson, and Egan.


I also made sure to revamp my bench with players such as Tariq Lamptey, Dann, and Hendrick coming in at the backdrop of their decent performance in game week 1. Wilson and Bamford came-in in the place of Mitrovic and Antonio while Jorghino, a penalty taker, was brought-in to the midfield in place of Traore.

With these major changes, I stand no chance of overhauling my FPL team again without suffering point deductions. I expect the premium midfield to always come-through and cover for lapses from other parts of the field weekly. Hopefully, my team would be injury-free.

What do you all think?


Will be interesting to see what other players will still arrive before the transfer market closes.There are a few players I don't know in your squad and they must have been the bargain buys or cheapies.
Going to put this forward for curation.

Thanks. For the fpl, managers have an option of a free transfer for each game week. Any tranfer beyond that, your point will be deducted. Wild card chip is also available which allows you to make as many transfers as you like for a single game week.

This is great. I tried attempting this few weeks ago, but it seemed quite complex for. The post I even drafted never surfaced till date. I'll personally be more interested in FPL if the coming Rabona game accommodates that. We really need stuffs of this such domiciled on Sportstalksocial. I just hope some devs would draw motivation from your submissions.


I also found it a bit complex initially but it's actually simple. Once you start, you will begin to understand it more. This is my second season of playing it and I can say I now understand the gimmicks fully. There are prices as stake at the end of the season.

And yes, there are millions of FPL managers each season, sharing a post such as this on twitter and other social media will be a great way of inviting fpl managers to hive. They can come and talk about their teams and earn in the process.

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