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RE: We had a Super Bowl party

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Looks like a great time. I was disappointed in Mahomes performance as well but I also got a bit irritated at a few of the calls in the first half. I have family in Kansas so I am obligated by blood to root for them. When i sent a msg to a friend of mine who lives in USA about the calls he said something along the lines of "Refs love Brady, of course he gets those calls."

All in all it was a pretty exciting game although the score makes it look very one-sided. The Chiefs looked like they were going to pull it back in the 3rd but that just never happened.

BTW: Super jealous of those food options. Certainly that was too much food for your crew and you overdid it just a tad?


The best part of the day was being with family, the game and food were great too though.

It’s facts that Brady is treated like the human NFL trophy that he is. Don’t want to get no scratches on the precious little gem. Part of the reason he is still going so strong, that and his elite level of training and dedication.

Chiefs didn’t look awful, but it just never seemed to come together full for them during the game.

It was entirely too much food. I ate on that stuff for 3 days straight. My mom always provides more than enough. She’s the best!

That's awesome man. I normally go and visit my family every year but well, covid and all that. I won't fly out of the country I am currently in until I am 100% sure that I can get back into it.

My Super Bowl party was more public, at a bar with a lot more people that I thought would be at it because Americans constitute a rather small part of the expat population here. It was fun, but since it started at 7am and I refuse to watch the big dance without a beer, that day got a teensy bit messy.

That's wild, you are literally trapped right now.
That trip to the bar @7am sounds damn interesting. Is that a story you will be sharing on your blog?

i don't know, maybe. I suppose that would be interesting to some people but I didn't take many photos. Perhaps.

As far as being trapped here it is a pretty wonderful place to be trapped. Except for the countries that refused to ever lock down at all we probably have a ton more freedom than most places to live life as normal. I try not to flex on my friends about this too much, but it is the case.

I'd enjoy it, even without photos. As long as you can recall it all clearly.

I believe ya, probably still enjoying life.
My tiny little state of WV wasn't ever really super strict either. Still I'm sure other countries have it better. Especially with a more tropical vibe.

My tiny little state of WV wasn't ever really super strict either

That's fantastic news, probably says something about your leadership. The people I know that live in urban areas are not very happy right now but I never really understood the allure or desire to live somewhere like NYC, Chicago, LA etc anyway. Those places seemed depressing to me even when you were allowed to go out and do stuff.