Sports Power Staking - Chasing 2 Million Sports Power Journey

Hello all Sports Lovers...

Hope you are all doing good and enjoying lovely sports talks.

I have been participating and curating sports posts from a quite a sometime and accumulating sports token and staking them regularly.

I am chasing 2 Million sports token target.

Today i staked 22608.938 tokens and with this token i achieved 70.63 % of my target.

image.png and @uyobong.sports have been supporting everyone who have been staking sports token. I am including #sportspower tag as this is required.

Thanks you very much for all the support 😃😃

I have earned most of these tokens by participating in Actifit daily posts, Sports engagements contest and SPORTS TODAY contest initiated by @amr008.sports.

My total sports power is now 1 412 682.444 .


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