Sports Power Staking - Chasing 1 Million Sports Power Journey

Hello all Sports Lovers...

Hope you are all doing good and enjoying lovely sports talks.

I have been participating and curating sports posts from a quite a sometime and accumulating sports token and staking them regularly.

I am chasing my 1 Million sports token target.

Today i staked 85446.854 tokens and with this token i achieved 63.78 of my target.

image.png has been supporting everyone who have been staking sports token. I am including #sportspower tag as this is required.

Thanks you very much for all the support 😃😃

I have earned most of these tokens by participating in Actifit daily posts, Sports engagements contest and SPORTS TODAY contest initiated by @amr008.sports.

My total sports power is now 637 887.177.


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You are going to achieve it, you already have the objective really certain.

Decent staking right there. At this rate, you should hit 1million in no time

You're almost there keep stacking up