SportsTalk Challenge - SPORTS Staking

Hello all

A few weeks ago initiated SportsTalk Challenge and i participated in it 3 times.

Thanks you very much for this amazing contest 😃😃

I skipped the sports stacking for a few weeks and it just occurred to me today and i decided to stack all of my sports token.

I accumulated 7874 tokens so far:


and i stacked them all :

My total sports power is 34780 now. This will increase my sports power a little bit. I have earned most of these tokens by participating in Actifit daily posts. I did 10K activity a few time which means additional sports tonken,

I am planning to do more posts and interact with people from sports communities and earn as much sports token i can.

I am going to focus on sports taken now.

Thank you very much for stopping by. Please re-blog and up-vote to show your support.



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Thanks for staking! This will help the community in the long run 👍