Dybala would like to extend with "The Old Lady"

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Argentine Juventus striker Paulo Dybala will reportedly refuse to be sold this summer, even though it is the club's wish, writes the media Football-Italia. The Argentine has a contract expiration with the Italian champions in the summer of 2022.

It is against this background that "The Old Lady" wants to sell Dybala this summer. There will hardly be a shortage of suitors for the striker's signature, but he would like to stay and at the same time extend the agreement with the club.

Vice President Pavel Nedved tells La Gazzetta dello Sport that the club is considering all options in the player market this summer, and he does not reject a sale or that Dybala will be allowed to stay with the big club.

Once before, however, the striker has refused to leave Juventus. It was back in 2019 when he was offered in exchange for Belgian Romelu Lukakau. However, Dybala could not see a future at Old Trafford at Manchester United and he chose to decline the offer.

According to Football-Italia, both Chelsea and Tottenham are keeping a close eye on the situation in Turin and what will happen to Paulo Dybala.