Asad and Azhar important on performances

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It was a lifelong circle moment for England tour Azhar Ali in 2010, a journey in which some real fine cricket was shown, but later it was only reminiscent of spot-fixing corruption that saw Pakistan sink into the depths of cricket. Azhar 25 years old at the time would have been happy to have avoided every spotlight, it was a tough start in Test cricket, only fifty in twelve innings, four against Australia in a domestic series in England.

There will be ups and downs, the whole trip was a learning experience for me there were two senior players on the tour whose guidance helped me a lot because sometimes as a young player, you are thinking of giving up or your self-esteem. Growing up.

There are two types of people who have played cricket, some of whom feel good and try to have their say on others. Fortunately, the players who have come for us Brother Misba, Brother Younis, Brother Moses, Brother Walker have spent a lot of time with us and their method is to empower us.


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