Chris Nenzani don't agree CSA President

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Chris Nenzani is finally out of the trophy The South African cricket president resigned on Saturday causing a catastrophe. But his last job as a sports leader in his country was also flawed. Most of his tenure went smoothly But the wheels began to fall in September 2017 when Thabang Moro the then CSA vice president became the chief executive after leaving the cloud of Harun Lorget. In July 2018 Moro was permanently appointed to the post, which sparked corruption that dragged the CSA into financial and administrative crisis until it was suspended in December 2019.

Gwaja is a well known ally of Moro and Moro will form a strong team when he returns to his job. Does he want to return it. They have not yet commented does he want to be president? Probably not - it's faster than his current sweet deal.


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