Collin Morikawa put a stump for wining PGA Championship

in Sports Talk Sociallast month

Colin Morikawa was packing at his Harding Park this weekend and he was going to throw off the golf shoes he had been wearing for a week. That’s when a 23 year old California resident decided it was worth a memory.

I want to remember the 2020 PGA Championship on the side of my shoes and a few. I was talking to my girlfriend and you know it’s my first major and I’m always going to remember that I’m going to remember every win but I’m going to remember a little bit more because it’s just the first.

The driver who knows when the tele medicine will come out with the new one and I have to switch Morikawa said. I'll probably identify it with a little PGA Championship maybe a scarf on my head to remember it. The CJ Cup is set to move from South Korea to Las Vegas this year due to an epidemic that is attracting Rahim.


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