IPL Cricket 2020 - the story so far.

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If you don't know, IPL stands for Indian Premier League. This is the 13th edition of 20-20 cricket tournament which have indian as well as overseas players. Normally it is played in april-may in india. But this year due to covid19, the tournament was played in september and also got shifted to UAE. The tournament started on 19th September. 8 teams play against each other, also known as round robin matches.

The team on the 1st and 2nd place, play for the place in the final. The winning team goes into the final The team on the 3rd and the 4th place, play each other, also called as eliminator, the winner plays against the loser of the game between 1st and the 2nd place. The winner goes in the final.

As of today, 7 more round robins matches are left.

The points table so far,image.png

source - https://www.espncricinfo.com/table/series/8048/season/2020/indian-premier-league

Lots of competition for the 3rd and the 4th spot, not much difference in points

It all depends on the last round robin matches.

I don't support any teams, i just enjoy the cricket.

Which teams do you support?

Do you have a favourite team? [ please do comment below]

I will do another post during the weekend, to keep you updated on the proceedings

Take care and stay safe

Farhad kias [imfarhad]


To be honest I know zero about cricket lol
But I'm happy to see you going to other communities!
Since I don't know much and maybe just a few talking about it, you should share more about the sport with everyone!
Thank you for sharing!

Yes, i have not seen many posts related to cricket
I will share more about the sport
Thanks eliana.