First ETH Winnings & NFT Golfers Sent To MetaMask


It was a bustling Thanksgiving week in the world of BLOCKLETE Golf. Several Tournaments were underway, in many cases running concurrent with each other. This made player energy management a must, if you wanted to participate in them all.

The highest paying Tournament had a total prize pool of 0.135 ETH. It was a NFT Golfer specific tourney for those with no hats. Unfortunately, none of my three golfers fit this description. Fortunately, there were still four other tourneys to play in.

Novices Only 2


As two of my Golfers are the cheaper Novice level NFTs, this was the right tourney to enter. Check the breakdown of Prizes according to final standing in the Tournament.


I played this Tournament several times with both my Novice NFT Golfers. In the end, I just missed First Place.

A final standing of Second Place brought in .04 ETH.

It went immediately to my BLOCKLETE Golf account. In addition, I also ranked 17th with my other Novice NFT Golfer. This brought in winnings of .007 ETH.


BLOCKLETE Support Connected My MetaMask Wallet

Because I made my purchases of NFT Golfers with a credit card, I had to reach out to BLOCKLETE Support to connect my MetaMask wallet. A simple email and a day later, my assets had arrived. They sent over all three of my NFTs, which have little logos on MetaMask. They look SO Cool!


I had much less than a dollar worth of ETH in this alternate MetaMask wallet. The transfer is also transparent in my wallet history.



Small Beginnings That Will Add Up To A Lot!

For one thing, my gameplay continues to improve the more I practice and play. In practice mode, I'm starting to see some consistent scores above 4000. That's well enough to rank in most of the Tournament rankings I've seen.


Oh! And I forgot to show off my Golfer's Medals! Besides the ETH Tournaments, there was also Medals Tournaments. Medals are what improve your NFT Golfer's skill levels. Each Golfer has four skills and they can only improve by winning Medals.


When my Medals reach a certain threshold, I'll be able to power up my NFT Golfers to a higher bracket. From Novice to Pro, for example. Improving Golfer skill levels makes them more valuable should I want to place them up for sale in the BLOCKLETE Marketplace.

There's an upcoming team play Tournament worth some ETH. I'm on the lookout for the right team to join. In time, these small ETH winnings will add up. Not to mention, the game is challenging enough to be fun and rounds don't take too long.

I'm enjoying BLOCKLETE Golf more with each passing week. Though not sure about how it would all go when I purchased my golfers, it's been a great experience so far.

Thanks for your time and as always...



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I am real happy it is working out for you. You must have huge patience as I gave up. I love golf games but this just lacked any real skill and maybe my expectations were just too high. Wish there was a Tiger Woods type game like EA Sports doing this and then I am in.

It's a matter of learning the wind spots and then how much power to use. To succeed, you have to know how much power but also stop it in the right spot. And then stop the accuracy arrow pretty much dead center. There really isn't any other skill needed than that, but it does take patience and practice.

I get pretty nervous after half of a superb round playing for ETH. The Tiger Woods game does have a lot more to it, and it still has the power and accuracy meters too.

This is the future. We are rapidly moving into a world where we get paid for doing the things we enjoy.

A game like that gives you a few bucks for spending your leisure time as you prefer. Then, you have the opportunity to turn that ETH into even more money. Of course, the price of ETH could do it for you. Or you might swap it into wLEO or some other token that you are extremely bullish upon.

A few dollars here and then, wisely invested, will add up over time.

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So true. Here's another level. I'm getting out of my box and engaging on the Project's Discord that I've been blogging about.

At first, I wasn't sure if they'd see it as spam. But so far, both BLOCKLETE and Peet DeFi have offered extremely positive feedback about my posts.

So...I picked up 3 Peet (PTE) for just over 8 bucks each. Who knows? I blogged about it and did the research. It could go belly up, but with a Uniswap LP and only 100,000 tokens ever in circulation, who knows? So far, so good.

Like you said, small risks in other investments can pay off in huge amounts. 😁

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Or it could do a 20x in a week.

That is the thing about those small projects. Even if they end up as garbage, they could be pumped big time.

A lesson I had to learn the hard way, take the money and run on stuff like that.

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I had that thought. Thanks for reinforcing it. Maybe better to not get too greedy if it pumps a bit. 👍

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I only say it because I caught a huge more than once only to ride it back down. Going for life changing money on every play is not the best idea in the world. Sometimes, take the single as they say.

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For sure. I could see myself making that same mistake. Thanks for the warning. It helps me to hear it and is a good reminder. 👍

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Oh, and it's a win win. I may or may not get rewarded from these projects, but they don't have to pay me. It's free advertising for them. And I still get paid in HIVE, SPORTS, and LEO for my efforts.

To the future and beyond! 👍👍🚀

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Congrats for the win! All savings start small and add up

Thanks Mary! If I could win a small amount of ETH each week or so, that would really add up. Especially with all the development going on in Ethereum. Sooner or later, ETH is going to soar. 😁

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I think you will slowly gather good amounts, I am happy for you, you deserve it