Fire up the Trade Machine! NBA Potential Trade Discussion

With the Draft Lottery set and the NBA Playoffs nearly at the Finals, I thought it'd be a good time to have a thread about early trade predictions.

Who do you think is the most likely to be traded? How many trades will occur on draft night?

My biggest predictions:
KAT will get moved from Minnesota and the Raptors will actually trade Pascal Siakam.

My biggest hope is that the Blazers move CJ McCollum and ignore the calls for Dame.. even it hurts them later should Dame leverage to leave Rip City.


As a Sixers fan, I am not giving up Ben for anyone besides Dame. Despite his shooting struggles, he provides so much value on the defensive and passing sides of the game to give up for anyone less than an All-NBA type player.

I understand the thought process - If I were the GM, I wouldn't give Dame up period but definitely not for Simmons. Dame is clutch and drives the team and Ben ultimately projects as an incredible #2 for a team.

I like CJ, but I'd rather see the Sixers pushing for Dame if there was to be a deal. Knowing Phillys luck we'll end up trading Simmons for a mid-level player and draft picks that will never come together.