June 19th Daily Fantasy Basketball

Lineup One - 50/50

In the 50/50 game, your goal is to have a team that scores in the top half of all lineups to receive a payout, although everyone receives the same regardless of being 1st or 50th. You're given a salary of $60,000 and get to not only select five players, but get to assign an MVP, Star and Pro who have multipliers of 2x, 1.5x and 1.2x respectively to their score.

My Lineup:

For this lineup, my theory is that I wanted the two players who could drive their team to a victory in my top two spots. For the Nets to win, Durant needs another HUGE game like the Nets Game 5 Victory. For the Bucks to win, I believe the Middleton needs to have a massive game; Giannis will get his, but the Nets will focus on limiting him and Middleton will have to set up.

To round out the roster, I went with Jrue for much the same reason as Middleton. For Blake and Connaughton, I went with opposing theories as I think Blake shows a good floor value for Game 7 and Connaughton is my Boom or Bust candidate.

Let me know your thoughts! If you play Fan Duel and watch to do a Head to Head, let me know!

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No Harden is a gamble for sure. We'll see how it goes. I like Durant at the star position of course though.

100% - He was honestly the hardest to leave out but I figured that both him and Durant were unlikely to nuclear in the same game especially with Harden's injury still lingering. Plus, the cost would have killed the rest of my team.