The Warriors - 2020 Salsa League Draft Recap - MLB Fantasy Baseball


2020 Salsa League Draft Recap

The Warriors - MLB Fantasy Baseball

The 2020 MLB baseball season is finally getting under way after some COVID-induced delays. The Salsa League drafted teams in March, anticipating a normal start to the season. After an extended Spring Training (Summer Camp), the season is now beginning. Here's a look at The Warriors' 2020 Salsa League draft recap.

In the first round, with the seventh overall pick, The Warriors selected Cody Bellinger, 1B/RF for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bellinger was on The Warriors last season and will be returning with a vengeance. Some other notable batting draft picks include Trea Turner, Aaron Judge and J.D. Martinez. The first SP selected by The Warriors was Chris Paddack of the San Diego Padres, selected #55 overall in the 5th round. They are looking a bit bat heavy in 2020, but anything can happen with the pitching staff.

Overall, the Warriors are ready for a short, yet exciting 2020 baseball season.

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Salsa League? Never heard of it, assume it's a San Diego thing. I need to go visit my bro out there more, sounds like you guys are having a good time!

It's a Fantasy League based on the East Coast with members from around the country. San Diego is definitely awesome though!