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RE: SPORTS TODAY 25th April - 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS givewaway

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A bit sad that the Lakers lost. The score today was 93-108 for the LAL vs. DAL.

I felt like the Lakers were doing well until they bombed the last quarter. The news is all about them losing due to no Lebron but I don't think its a valid excuse. They might of done better but they just fell apart in the last quarter.


How that will do well form next game. Keep supporting 👍

Yea I am not surprised. I think the Mavericks were probably at the top of the Western Conference last I checked.

All change in the third quarter with a 21-33 run for the Mavericks. Dallas was definitely better.

Yea I wasn't expecting that. It sure was weird as you get disappointed due to them being steamrolled by the other side.