Sho Time For Sure, but Not Sold on it


I love Major League Baseball, so although my main focus is on the New York Mets; I'm also interested in other teams, other players and the dynamics of the game overall.

So yesterday, like many avid baseball fanatics the Chicago White were facing the Anaheim Angels and although the likes of Mike Trout, Jose Abreu, Anthony Rendon, Tim Anderson were playing; the night belong the the two-way Japanese start and now Major League Baseball stud Shohei Otani.

Yesterday he batted second and was the starting pitcher for the Angels and hit a homer on the first pitch to him, his first time up in the game. Then he proceeded to pitch a good game throwing over 100 miles per hour.

He's only been in the league a few years and already has garnered the following awards:

AL Rookie of the Year
Year Team League
2018 Los Angeles Angels AL

Baseball America Major League Rookie of the Year
Year Team League
2018 Los Angeles Angels AL

Baseball America Major League All-Rookie Team
Year Team League
2018 Los Angeles Angels AL

AL Rookie of the Month
Month Team League
04/2018 Los Angeles Angels AL
09/2018 Los Angeles Angels AL

AL Player of the Week
Week Team League
04/08/2018 Los Angeles Angels AL
09/09/2018 Los Angeles Angels AL

His stats in Japan before he came to the states and got paid handsomely to become an Angel was phenomenal and he's still young: Age: 26


But is it me? or Does he have a presence of fragility to him? The guy is a beast. He has power and can throw bullets, but he's had various injuries and yesterday almost had another one when he tumbled during a play at home.

If I were an Angels fan, I would look forward to every game Sho Time would play, but I'm not sure if I prefer for him to just be a hitter and contemplate not pitching anymore.

I'm sure there is no way that will happen, but it seems Otani won't play many full seasons during his MLB career.

BUT yes, when he is the starting pitch and/in the lineup as a DH he will be a dynamic winning player.