Replacing Ronaldo is impossible, nobody can do it || You don’t need to give Ronaldo instructions

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I am sure every soccer fan out there will agree with Bernado Silva. This what the Manchester City winger had to say about his fellow country man;

Taking Cristiano’s place is impossible. Nobody is going to do that.

I’m going to try and always keep improving so I can do the best I can for Portugal and my club – helping my country and team to win everything possible.

We had the likes of Pele, Maradona and now we are blessed with the likes of CR7 and Messi. These guys guys are genius, you just cannot match them.
So when Bernado Silva says Rolnado is irreplaceable, I'm very much in support of that statement. Making such statement also will ease the pressure off him when the time comes for Ronaldo to hang his boots.

‘Replacing Ronaldo is impossible, nobody can do it’ – Bernardo Silva not looking to fill big boots with Portugal

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Ronaldo seems to catch my attention in the media today and here is what Carlo Ancelotti had to say about five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo

Of course, they have to work together because the team is the most important part of the game, but strikers like Ronaldo who are able to score every single game, you don't have to give too much information defensively.

It is the easiest way to be a manager, to manage a fantastic player because they are professional, they are serious, they have personality, they are motivated so it is the easiest way.

I am no coach or manager but clearly from a fan perspective, what kind of instruction would want to give a player like Ronaldo? Maybe tell him to keep going at the defenders, which naturally he does, he lives for challenges.
I feel Ancelotti is just being humble and fare to making such statement about CR7. This I can relate to the best student in the classroom, teachers often have little information to pass across to them because of their brilliant nature.
And that's Christiano Ronaldo for you.

You don’t need to give Ronaldo instructions and Real Madrid are the dream for every coach, says Ancelotti

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