My Introduction post

Hello guy if are not forgotten this guy call isiaka oluwatoyin that his friends calling him ty which is username is (ty4utoyin) . My people I want to informed you guys that I lost my phone and also lost all my valuable data too. But now have come back with this username that I use to post this to you. Thanks best regards
Congratulations to Chelsea team and there fans


Welcome back. Do well to save your keys somewhere else to avoid a repeat in the future

Hello @johnsennimaat! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome! However, it would be awesome if you do an introduction post. Information like who are you and where you're from, how did you discover Hive or who invited you, what types of content you want to see here and the types that you want produce, and what are your expectations in this platform. There's no pressure on this. You can choose on whatever information you would like to share.

As a sample of what an intro post is, you can refer to this intro post for reference:
Let's Rock On for the Second Time Around — Introduction | Kenn

If you're interested in other communities, you can check out this.

If you have questions, you can hop into Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions. Feel free to tag me @indayclara for your intro post and use the hashtag #introduceyourself.

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