The Sunday Night Sports Nerds Show - NHL Greatness Part 1

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These 'lists' are always fun...

This week, we dove into a dozen or so NHL Teams, and discussed their greatest player ever...For each franchise!

Alphabetically, so we only got through around half of the teams....

Plus we were joined by special guest Ron Gallo - The Voice of the Prince George Spruce Kings

Always awesome to have Ron drop by, he's a wealth of NHL knowledge!

Hope you guys enjoy the show...

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Well yes, it was a great show, despite the host's inability to handle the opening and restream details. will get it right next week. It is always good to have Ron on the show, he is a wealth of knowledge and I enjoy his stories.

ha ha ha ha it's not a job it's an adventure!

Always fun on a Sunday night!

GO HABS GO! That is all.

Like I was saying....I don't hate the Habs LOL

I'm actually cheering for them lol

They'll break your heart too...

Ha lol Yeah I know the feeling!

I don't know much about hockey and can't stand baseball. lol
I'm looking forward to see how the NFL goes this year, should be pretty interesting.

Oh man. If they get it right like the nba and nhl, it could be a win.

HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY ... a passion held by many!

That's very Canadian of you Janet ;) lol

I must admit that I have not been following the NHL very much, a bit more the Swedish Hockey League though, favorite team is HV71, and favorite player of all time Peter Forsberg, with a close second Stefan Liv who tragically died in a plane crash.

I mentioned Forsberg last night...Sometimes people forget how amazing he was!

Give me motor Racing anytime lol, but what I like is those into any sports are always passionate about it :)

I used to go to the Indy series they had in Edmonton. Loved it!

This was a great show. Despite the technical issues, I really enjoyed the show as I worked on my other things. It was SO funny seeing your expression when baseball was discussed & .....

THE EPIC Raptors Background! That was pure #pixieapproved!!! 😂🤣

Jon On Raptor .jpg

Oh just wait until you see what I’ve got planned lol No one is safe next week lol

😂🤣😂 I cannot WAIT!!!!!!

Nice show, however i don't have any clue of any of the teams or players you discussed. In general not so interested in sports of any kind.

Oh it's fun :)

No better way to get your mind off the madness going on in the world LOL

Well that is fine. my family was never into sports. never saw a football games untill I was 19 and then not even til i was over 37. my husband is a well inform sports person . have a good time what ever you do

What's his favorite football team? Does he like hockey too?

49ers and Seahawks. i believe cause closer to us. then and now. we might see hockey if a championship games. most of time we watch championship games. I don't I just happened to me there. I only like the sounds of tennis. :)

@jongolson, You'll sounded very excited about this Sports.

Have a joyful time ahead and stay blessed.

Oh excited doesn't begin to describe it :) lol


Nice show indeed.

Thanks for hanging out and watching!