The Sunday Night Sports Nerds Show - More Top Lists & Jerry Rice Love!

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We had a blast finishing up our 'Greatest NFL Players' list this week!

But for some reason....These guys wanted to debate with me about who is the greatest NFL player of all time...

Jerry Rice right????

What do you think....?

Share your thoughts as you watch a bunch of middle aged grumpy guys argue about sports!

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Hello @jongolson!

I made these post a few days ago but for some unknown reason I have had problems with the notifications that I receive and send my Hive account, so I think you didn't know that I mentioned you here, I did it because I used your publication as a reference to complete my work and I think you should know it :) I hope you like it and can spread it outside, I think it can be useful for people really interested in entering Hive 😄

Thanks for making this a better place! 😏

Appreciate that, yeah for sure. great piece too, very informative.