The Sunday Night Sports Nerd Show - Nerds...Assembled!

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The Nerds have assembled again this week!

And we're fired up because it's another 7 days....

Without sports!!!!!

I'm impressed on how we come up with content for an hour and a half each week, with no live sports taking place so we did what any degenerate sports fan would do....Talk about the glory years of our teams and other ramblings!

But we have a ton of fun :)

And I hope you enjoy the banter and rants this week :)

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Some or not everybody are interested in sport like that.
But I do interest in it though

I think it's been missing for a lot of people over here in North America. Right now would be the heart of the playoffs in basketball and hockey.

The fun you all have doing this, beyond my understanding most of it.
Go the Roosters I say

Ha ha ha ha You know it's funny, I miss it, yet I dont since all this corona madness. But when NFL season is here...Oh boy. It's my thing for sure!

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