SportsTalk Podcast: What Are Your Favorite Sports

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Hello sports fans, good to see you all and of course wishing you the best of weekends.


In today's podcast we're going to talk about what are my favorite sports and why. I've been a sports fan since the early stages of my life.

Among the sports I enjoy watching the most are Boxing and American Football.

I love boxing 🥊 not because of the fights themselves but because the hard training and dedication these warriors endure to prepare for just one fight!

American Football 🏈 is my second favorite sport given its strategic nature. At first I didn't have a clue about what the hell those guys were doing in that grinder. after some games I managed to understand what was a 1st & 10, terms such as offensive line, defensive line, safety, running back... This is a sport I would definitely recommend to understand, I'm pretty sure you would like it.

So What Are Your Favorite Sports Bros?

Hive On!