"Kawhi Leonard embodied MJ in today's NBA?"

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In a recent segment of ESPN's First Take Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman both gave their opinions to a question that who reminds them of Michael Jordan in today's NBA. Well first and foremost there is no closest thing to Jordan other than the late Kobe Bryant(which is my fave player of all time), but Stephen A. made a great case for Kawhi as we know how the similarities of playing style that the Klaw is showcasing us recently, even before the Toronto Raptos championship stint it was already evident.

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Stephen A. pointed out that Kawhi's two way playing style reminded him of MJ more so than any other player who is currently playing today, from the mid range and fall away and also as a dominant wing defender. He also added that he gave credits when credits are due which Kawhi proved to be a clutch player after winning the title last season with clutch plays and could be one of the most clutch play in the nba if not the most.

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