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" A " Time - A ZSport Challenge

Another great challenge series by @serialfiller is one that all sports fans will love. In this challenge, you get to talk about your favorite sports figure or team on and off the field.

I love the sports of football and basketball. Many of my favorite athletes I choose to follow are those who exhibit extraordinary character on and off the field.

One such athlete is Janeth dos santos Arcain. She was born in 1969 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her professional career included the World Championship for Women in 1994 and two medals in the Olympic Games becoming the highest-scoring female player over of the Olympics with 535 points.1

The reason I know her well is that she was one of the original players selected in the Women's National Basketball Association (the "WNBA") in its inaugural season in 1997. She was selected 13th overall by the Houston Comets. Her position was Guard. I attended many of her games. She was part of the starting lineup given the name "Van's Angels" referring their head coach.

She was a major factor in the Comets dominating the women's basketball sport, winning four consecutive championships beginning the inaugural season to 2000. Here are her stats.

She won several awards, and was an WNBA All-Star in 2001 playing her best season averaging 18.5 points per game.1

But what I loved about her the most was her all-star performance off the court. The Janeth Arcain Institute is her legacy. The institute is located in Sao Paulo. Children 7 through 17 are able to attend her HOOPS FOR HOPE PROGRAM free of charge. I feel that programs that are made available for youths who otherwise wouldn't have opportunities for personal, social, or athletic development, can empower them for life. We need more individuals in a position to do so such as Janeth did to step up and create or become involved with such programs.

Janeth Arcain Hoops For Hope Program Provided by Youtube

I followed her career until her retirement in 2007.

In July, 2007, Janeth said farewell to the basketball world with her silver medal in Rio in the Pan American Games.

Source 1

In 2015, Janeth was inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. 2

In 2019, she was inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame. A legend in her own right.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my selection today.

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What is the Sports A to Z Challenge About?This challenge is an opportunity for you to highlight sport teams or sport personalities each day that begin with the designated alphabet of the day.
Who created it?@serialfiller utilizing the tag #a-zsport
What type of challenge is it?It's a daily challenge.
What are the rules?Just a few and really simple.
1. Every day, with a dedicated post, @serialfiller will show you the letter of the alphabet protagonist of the challenge;
2. Write a post in which you indicate from 1 to 3 teams or sports personalities who have name or surname starting with the letter protagonist of the daily challenge (for example: B like Boston Celtics, F like Federer, M like Maradona, B like Bolt, N like Napoli...);
3. In your post use the tag "a-zsport"
4. At the bottom of your post tag a user you would like to invite to participate (a friend, a stranger, a member of your community and so on)
5. The content of the post is very, very free. Talk about that team, the sports team or sports team, if you want to add photos or videos, romanticize or tell in the way you prefer the story of sports you are passionate about.
6. The content of the post is very, very free. Talk about that team, the sports team or sports team, if you want to add photos or videos, romanticize or tell in the way you prefer the story of sports you are passionate about.
Recommended Communities to post in@serialfiller states that you can post in any Community you want.
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¿De qué se trata el desafío deportivo de la A a la Z?Este desafío es una oportunidad para que destaques los equipos o personalidades del deporte cada día que empiezan con el alfabeto designado del día.
¿Quién lo ha creado?El serialfiller utilizando la etiqueta "a-zsport".
¿Qué tipo de desafío es?Es un desafío diario.
¿Cuáles son las reglas?Sólo unas pocas y muy simples.
1. Cada día, con un correo dedicado, @serialfiller te mostrará la letra del alfabeto protagonista del desafío;
2. Escribe un post en el que indiques de 1 a 3 equipos o personalidades deportivas que tengan nombre o apellidos que empiecen con la letra protagonista del desafío diario (por ejemplo: B como Boston Celtics, F como Federer, M como Maradona, B como Bolt, N como Napoli...);
3. En tu correo usa la etiqueta "a-zsport"
4. En la parte inferior de tu etiqueta de publicación, un usuario que te gustaría invitar a participar (un amigo, un extraño, un miembro de tu comunidad, etc.)
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6. El contenido del post es muy, muy libre. Habla sobre ese equipo, el equipo deportivo o el equipo de deportes, si quieres añadir fotos o videos, romantiza o cuenta de la manera que prefieras la historia de los deportes que te apasionan.
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Source 1: Janeth Arcain. Wikipedia.Org website
Source 2: Janeth Artcain Women's Basketball Hall of Fame







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What a story!
I love story of sports, thank you for let me know about this one.

Please consider to tag another user to invite him or her to join the challenge.
Is a new rule to involve more people in this challenge.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @serialfiller. Lol. That's the one thing I forgot. And I included your rules in my post. Apologies. I'll edit and add someone now. Thanks for the reminder.

You can venterskar this to the extra challenges and do @serialfiller a pleasure at the same time

Sure will @brittandjosie as soon as you explain what "venterskar" is. You know how we operate GTP...We have to perform a test run before we recommend to our Ralliers.

Hahah i dont remember , just that i type to fast hahahahaahah

Don't worry. It's just an advice. Thanks!

Updated and invited someone. Take care.

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Sports has so many stories lovely share and i love that its a woman

Thanks. And yes, I loved when women got a chance to play professional basketball. It opened up a lot of opportunities for them when previously they had nowhere to go after playing in college in the U.S. They had to go out of the country. Still, the disparities in earnings and endorsement contracts salaries existed.

Lovely write-up on Janeth dos santos Arcain. I played basketball in high school and always enjoyed the sport.

That is great you played high school basketball. Were you the slam-dump champ?

Haha @justclickindiva. I wasn’t too bad at it but no trophies.