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RE: Cats show their age, fall to Spiders 76 - 64

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By looking at the background, it seems that crowd attendance now has been allowed. That's good to hear because most of the European competitions still hasn't allowed any audience.


Yeah they opened it up to 15% capacity but no single admission games. Considering Rupp Arena holds 23,500, I think allowing a few thousand in is certainly enough space to allow for safe distancing.

I see. That's good progress! I haven't followed the NCAA so I can't really talk much about the game. But with the NBA coming soon, we might gonna bump each other on each post.

We'll be a good one-two combo then. I've never been a huge NBA fan but I get exposure since former Wildcats are scattered throughout the league. I guess if I had to pick a team it'd probably be between the Knicks or more recently, thanks to AD, the Lakers who I'd cheer for. If the league ever expands to bring a team local to Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati I'd probably quickly change course.

We'll be a good one-two combo then

Yeah. I'm looking forward to it!

When I read of Kentucky Wildcats, AD came first in my mind. I knew he was from Kentucky in college because he was first introduced in London Olympics playing for the USA.