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RE: The Case With Chelsea FC Selling Young Players Before They Realise Their Potentials.

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What I see is the great production of talented young people by the Chelsea Academy. They have a hard time playing in the first team and that's why they have to look for mid-table clubs and finish developing. And in honor of the truth, players like Salah, de Bruyne and Lukaku, didn't show in Chelsea what they showed in the clubs where they ended up.


I can't fully understand you, but then Kevin De Bruyne didn't end up in an average club, he went to tough clubs in Europe and ended up in Manchester City as a great player

de Bruyne went to Wender Bremen and Wolfsburg, respectively.
Lukaku went to Everton, Man U and now Inter.
Salah went to Fiorentina, Rome and Liverpool
None of them wanted to stay in Chelsea to fight for a position. Greetings friend.