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RE: Do You See A Punch Coming?

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Practice makes perfect, the more you train the easier it will be to block or dodge an attack, however, in the street it is not the same, it is best to always be prepared or even avoid the conflict.


In fact u have really inspired me with this, but sometimes u can also determined the punch of the attacker by carefully watching the way he stand,to add to this d weight of ur blow also determined d success

Exactly, however, you must have experience or practice, because it will not be easy to determine where a false move will come from and you will be in trouble.

Yes, how the attacker stands and moves give an indication how he is going to attack you. Sometimes you see that the attacker makes a little distance so that he can throw a punch.

In the street fight, you will not see the familiar combination or pattern that you see fighting with a professional fighter.

in the street it is not the same

Absolutely. When you fight in a controlled environment, that ensures your safety or the chance of getting injured is low. In a street fight, it is totally different.