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RE: 500 FREE SPS TOKENS JUST FOR ENTERING! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 242: Champions League Atletico Madrid v Chelsea : 22 Feb 2021 - 7000 + 5000 SPS Token

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lol. well done mate. it's nice winning. Chelsea is not a team they use to be and Tuchel has not really had a tough fixture. but I am willing to give you back a thousand sports in a wager that Chelsea wins.

Also, Warner to score first
Chelsea to win 2-1

besides, there is love in sharing I think its time to give you something to win at least once. ahahaha.

Bloody @lebey1 is rapidly turning into my own personal nemesis lol

you can expect more of this ahahahahahahah


Congratz on the win, and I'm a bit concerned that you didn't predict a Athltico win xP

supporting my team all day and night. just being a football fan

Right, you're on.....1000 on Atletico :-) I'm part Spanish you know :-)

Lolx. Being part Spanish couldn't save you.. Lol.. Aw is being part Spanish helping