500 FREE SPS TOKENS JUST FOR ENTERING! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 245: EFL Championship Derby v Nottingham Forest: 26 Feb 2021 - 6000 + 5000 SPS Token

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Hmmm, was it a global public holiday yesterday or did everyone not fancy the game? One person did and as a result, actually took home the full jackpot for getting the correct result!

Not to worry, today we're taking a trip back in time to the Championship. Remember that? lol....and a proper derby game that actually features one of most hated clubs, Derby!


@nathen007's Prediction

A right pair of losers! Both teams are really struggling in the Championship and especially after Derbys shock win over Leeds in the playo=ffs a couple of seasons ago, they have managed to go from one crisis to another and it all seemed to go wrong from the time the sacked their Captain after a drunken car crash which saw 3 players get hurt in the two-car crash. Keogh got fired, 'loyal' Frank Wankhard quit and it all went downhill! Putting it like that, I almost feel sorry for them....almost ;-)


Anyway, trying to get a clue from the table, it seems neither team know where the back of the goal is but yet both have fairly reasonable defensive records so I'm getting this over with early and calling it a draw...

Prediction: Derby 0 : 0 - First Goalscorer: No one!

Simply write the name of the FIRST GOALSCORER and the CORRECT SCORE as a comment. The competition closes 5 minutes before kick-off which is 19.45 GMT.

The Small Print
In the first goalscorer competition, own goals do not count. In the correct score competition, it's the score after 90mins. Extra time and penalties do not count and the pot for each competition will roll-over if there is no winner. If more than one person chooses the same first goalscorer or correct score, the prize is shared and everyone gets a little upvote! It seems I also need to add, one entry per person. Don't forget the new rule that only people with a rep of 45 or above are eligible to enter unless they have been approved. The bonus will be added to any winnings ONLY if Leeds United win and/or Man U lose and all payouts will never exceed 50% of post payout. Other bonuses paid out at my discretion.

And the winners were...

@hykss.sports, step up to the podium alone my friend. Your 0-1 prediction took the full 5000+500 so well done, pity neither you nor anyone else got Pettuz as first goalscorer but not to worry, the pot carries forward
Appearance fees go to a sadly depleted team yesterday so @numpypython, @jfang003, @lebey1, @corporateay, @friendlymoose, @ralph75, @chrisparis and Captain @metzli check your wallets for your appearance fees!


Let's hope today we get a full team out! I won't tag everyone but @anderssinho, you're part of the furniture mate. Is everything OK?

Good luck with today's game and thanks as always for joining in!

Marching On Together



I knew nothing about the teams playing yesterday so I chose to pass. Thanks for the appearance fee still!

I’m going with Kazim-Richards today. The game ends in a 1-1 draw.

Booooo! Knowing nothing about the teams (or the sport) is no excuse.

Me and my google guesses will win one ... eventually...

I did actually win one time, but I was silly to turn in my guess AFTER the game. Bah.

Hahaha shout out to you for the BOOOO, lol.

The thing is it all depends on how he was feeling at the moment, it's hard to go on Google when you may have been feeling stressed, lol.

Google guessing is riskier than Gamble itself 😅

I like to place my bets based on knowledge instead of stats and chance. Nothing more to it this time. There's been times where I've missed these posts due to stress though. It happens.

Sure, I could have but I always prefer to place my bets based on my own knowledge instead of pure stats and chance. Even if I have nothing to lose. I still upvote his posts though even if I do t always paritipate!

I was just pretending that I was at a soccer game with a few beers under my belly and another one in my hand.

I guess this morning I can pretend that I'm hungover ;)

Glad you're here.

Lol this is what I do when I have no idea what tourney and what teams are playing.

LOL alright you lot, calm down hahaha. and THAT'S why Captain @metzli is our team captain lol....you lot are brilliant :D

1-1, Waghorn

tyler blacekket to score first

derby to win 2-1



Colin Kazim-Richards to score first

Hahaha I guess I missed yesterday and the day before. Not to worry, am here today lol.

I find your prediction legit though, and I finna agree to both teams not knowing where the back of the net is located, but I think they should do just well to blindly roll in a few balls, so then.

Am going with a 1-1 draw, goal scorer unknown as usual :)

How dare you miss the prediction and come back here and say it like its nothing .

!gif hurt

Hahahaha, woooo I really needed a reply as this, Mann you got me laughing real hard lol.

I'm sorry I missed it, I will not do it again 😅

Hahahaha, woooo I really needed a reply as this, Mann you got me laughing real hard lol.

Lol , just messing with you . Do you watch a lot of sports?

I'm sorry I missed it, I will not do it again

Okay fine you are excused lol.

Well, am all in the sport verse but not lately, that's why I miss out on so many things.

I usually dig football, sometimes Long Tennis, Sometimes I watch formula just for the fun of seeing race cars crash lol, and yes, all into Gymnastics :)

Amazing , is it okay if I tag you tomorrow in SPORTS TODAY post where we talk and chat about various sports?

It's totally find!

It has been a while since I got a correct score !
Ok tonight 1-0 with the only man I found in top scorer rankings: Kazim-Richards

Same here :( Go kazim-Richards . You and I will both win if he scores first.

0-1 Lyle Taylor

Cafu's goalscorer

score 1-1

Well I will go with 1-1 and Kazim-Richards to score first .

How are you buddy ?

This post certainly brings a lot of people together and we could encourage engagement in here too .

Good work buddy :)


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First scorer Murray
Derby County 2 - 1 Nottm Forest

Derby 2-1 Nottingham
Kazim-Richards to score first

Derby 2-2 Nottingham

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