500 FREE SPS TOKENS JUST FOR ENTERING! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 291: EPL Leicester v Newcastle : 7 May 2021 - 6000 + 5000 SPS Token

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So we now have the finalists for the Europa League and sadly, one of them isn't Arsenal. They just needed one goal but despite hitting the post couldn't quite get through a resolute Villareal defense.

I do have a soft spot for Arsenal and next season will be the first time in 26 years, they haven't made it into a European competition, all that's left to play for now is pride and let's hope they can keep their best players next season. Whether that will be under the current manager or not remains to be seen.
Anyway, to stop depressing @pusen further, we'll move swiftly along and it's back to the Premier League tonight for...


@nathen007's Prediction

This could be an interesting encounter with Leicester needing to keep the results coming in to guarantee their Champions League place next season with Chelsea and West Ham snapping at their heels and Newcastle who despite being just one place off the relegation zone have a 9 point cushion but can ill afford to take their foot off the gas until they are still mathematically safe.

Newcastle, after a decent run of form, were dreadful in their 2-0 loss to Arsenal last week and if that continues, they could be in for a battering tonight. Leicester will no doubt keep up the impetus to hold on to that Champions League place whilst preparing for their FA Cup final visit to Wembley.

Prediction: Leicester 3 : 1 - First Goalscorer: Joe Willock (Newcastle)

Simply write the name of the FIRST GOALSCORER and the CORRECT SCORE as a comment. The competition closes 5 minutes before kick-off which is 20.00 BST

The Small Print
In the first goalscorer competition, own goals do not count. In the correct score competition, it's the score after 90mins. Extra time and penalties do not count and the pot for each competition will roll over if there is no winner. If more than one person chooses the same first goalscorer or correct score, the prize is shared and everyone gets a little upvote! It seems I also need to add, one entry per person. Don't forget the new rule that only people with a rep of 45 or above are eligible to enter unless they have been approved. The bonus will be added to any winnings ONLY if Leeds United win and/or Man U lose and all payouts will never exceed 50% of post payout. Other bonuses paid out at my discretion.

The Winners were...

We had a couple, so well done to @numpypython and our 0-0 specialist @chrisparis! You both share the 5000 pot and take home 2500+500 tokens each!
Appearance fees go out to @mayorkeys, @jfang003, @savagetobi, @ralph75, @hykss.sports, @tokutaro22, @jersteemit, @harpreetjanda, @pusen, @yeckingo1, @friendlymoose, @tobywalter, and @marvinix.


We had a decent turn-out last night so thanks for playing guys and check I haven't missed anyone out!

Good luck with today's game and watch out, I might post tomorrow's game early and it could be a double-up day ;-)

Marching On Together



Leicester 2:0 New castle

Ihaenecho first goal

Thanks a lot for the appreciation tokens and congratulations to the winners as well.
My guess for today :


Leicester 1-1 Willock

Leicester 2 -1 newscastle
Vardy first goal

Leicester 2-1 Newcastle
Iheanacho to score first

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💥Thanks for the prize!
1-2, Willock

1-0 Vardy

Cool thanks!!!
First scorer Vardy
Leicester City 2-1 Newcastle

You're very welcome mate. Consistency pays!

Leicester 2:1 New Castle

Vardy first goal


Leicester 1 v 1 Newcastle

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Iheanacho to score first

Prediction: Leicester 3 : 0
First Goalscorer: Vardy