EURO 2020 Contest - 50,000 tokens plus HBI shares up for grabs!

I've been wanting to try and create some sort of contest that was based on a league table of players whose position depends upon their consistent entry AND the results of their predictions and so, as the Euros enter the knockout stages, I thought I'd test out my ideas and see how things run!


It's not just the mechanics of the game that matters, its whether I have the time to keep it updated and regular and whether the prize structures work but anyway, here's how it's going to work...

Each day of the knockout stages, up to and including the final, I want people to comment on the games, which I of course, will list daily.

I want the correct score AND first goal scorer but will also be using the simple 1x2 result to give a player points, which will go on their tally in a league table.

Getting the correct result (home win / draw / away win) will get you 3 points.

Getting the first goal scorer will get you 3 points.

Getting the correct number of goals the home team scores will get you 1 point.

Getting the correct number of goals the away team scores will get you 1 point.

Simply entering also gets you 1 point.

Let's use last night's game as an example:
@friendlymoose predicted Czech Republic: 0 - England: 3 and first goal scorer: Philips

He would score:-
3 points for getting the correct result (away win for England),
1 point for correctly predicting The Czech score (0)
1 point for entering

This gives him 5 points in total!

Obviously, the first game isn't until Saturday but I just wanted to start building my spreadsheet and gauge interest so to this end, if you intend to join in, please drop your name in a comment. You can still enter at any point during this contest but of course, due to the points simply for turning up, the more games you predict, the more points you will get for simply turning up!

It will be winner takes all, and in the event of a tie, it will be a case of the player who predicted the most goals! The result will be based on 90mins and no extra time or penalty shoot-outs will be considered for our contest. Any other questions, just ask in comments as I am sure I will have forgotten something! The HBI share or shares will most likely be randomly handed out on a daily basis.

The league table of players will be updated daily and posted along with the list of that day's games so make sure you're following me.

That's it for now so get your names in the comments and if you could, reblog the post so we can get as many entries as possible. If it seems to be working well, I will most likely increase the prizes.

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I don't mind joining in. At worst, I win nothing lol.

The Official 'Hive King of Engagement' position at the top can only be strengthened by your entry my friend :-)

I'm in!

Sounds interesting ... I will follow and I am looking forward to participate

This is a very good idea. I am in.

France will emerge winner
The final score will be France 2
Portugal 1.
Mbappe will score

The is is a very good development,am in for this

This would be very exciting. Always ready to participate. Looking forward to when it kicks off

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Nice one i am in for this. This is exactly what we do in chelsea app. Nive concept boss. I know this will definitely be a challenging one.

Im in @abimbola753. From saturday our league has commence. @leadsunited please let this contest be a time bound thing. I could remember how chelsea app do this. The contest ends 1hr before the match. Which is before line up. Infact take me as a presiding officer to oversee the timing.

That's a good point about the time. I will have a think but because of the time zones and everyone entering at different times perhaps it's a good idea to close the predictions before the teams are announced.

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This is a good way forward, I love this. Good job of you

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My prediction for today still ongoing euro 2020 between Portugal vs France which am given France team 5he victory (France to win)
Portugal 1:2France
First goal scorer is Kylian Mbappe

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Such a beautiful idea boss man....Looking forward to when it kicks off. Count me in

Let how it goes

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My boss this effort is much appreciated and I hope to see more of the support as well.

Looks fun, count me in even though many of my predictions have been bad so far

I think it will be a conservative party and neither will want to risk more than necessary. Vote for France 1 Portugal 1 with goals from Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo.