Euro2020 Contest - The Final League Table!

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My apologies for being late, a little shit going on, off chain so I haven't been around much this week but here are the final results!

Despite the penalties and extra time, the score after 90 minutes was 1-1. Looking at the game from a neautral point of view, I'd have to say that Italy deserved it. They have been strong throughout the tournament. England had chances in the first half to push home their early advantage but it wasn't to be.

As for the penalties. They deserved to lose. All those stuttering runs and trying to be clever, rubbish. Hit the ball as hard as you can into the top corner. Simple, but too simple for some of the England players.

No problems. World Cup next year so I'm sure England will be back. There or thereabouts!

Thanks for playing along everyone, from my point of view, its taken more time than i have to update things each day but I hope that despite my delays, you've all enjoyed playing along.


@ralph75 got a clear second but it was a close fight for 3rd between @worktight and @iamchuks so I'm giving them both 10000 tokens for 3rd place!


Everybody who entered will get a prize but I will send those prizes a little later when I have more time.

Thanks again for taking part, everyone. I will be back in a few days with a continuation of our regular competition!

Marching On Together


Italy 1:1 England First Goal Scorer: Sterling

Italy vs England 1:2 Raheem Sterlin to score first

Italy 1-2 England
Sterling will be first goal scorer

1-0 Immobile

Italy 1-1 England
Harry kane to score first goal

Italy 1 v 0 England
First goalscorer: Federico Chiesa

Italy 1 : 1 England
First goalscorer-Lorenzo Insigne

Italy 1-2 England
First scorer Kane

Italy 0:1 England First Goal Scorer: Kane

Italy 1 - 0 England First goal scorer: Insigne

Italy 1 v 2 England
First goalscorer: Harry Kane

Italy 0:1 England First Goal Scorer: H.Kane

Italy 1:1 England First Goal Scorer: H.Kane

Italy 2 vs 1 England
Ciro immobile to score first

Italy 2 v 1 England
First goalscorer: Federico Chiesa

Italy 2:1 England
First goal scorer Federico Chiesa

Italy 1 vs england 2
First goal scorer; Harry kane


Hey, thanks for organizing this, that was fun. And as a bonus, I did better than I thought, or not as bad I should say. I'm not sure what the "regular competition" is. With your name, I'm guessing it could be about the Premier League, which is not the one I follow the most. But I'll keep an eye out anyways. Have a great week end (almost there)!

Congratulations to the winners jfang003, ralph75, worktight, iamchuks and everyone that participated. Euro 2020 was fun, sad it had to come to an end. Thanks @leedsunited for organizing such contest. Hope we get to see more league contest like this in the future.

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Thank you for this awesome contest and for the prize. Keep it up mate.

Congratulations guys!

Nice report sir, congratulations to the winners.
Nice prediction by all the participant and active players
Thanks you @leedsunited for organizing this contest.

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Thanks for organising this mate. I'm sorry for the loss.

Brilliant chat! Wish to be part of the participants on the other contest.
Congratulations to all winners hope eye on the next one @leedsunited good job done

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Nice one you have really done well,right from the time the euro 2020 started till the end you have been giving us good update about our prediction I will say you have really done well.

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Thanks for the contest and the tokens. I just staked the 50k I got and delegated it over to the engagement project.

Kudos to you for organising this. I know this takes a lot of effort and time.
Congratulations to all the participants as well as they all are winners here 😎
!luv 3

Happy to be among the winners, @leedsunited thanks for putting up this contest

Thanks boss mate for organizing this and im glad I'm one of the winner. You are doing well boss mate. Remain blessed and keep up the good works kudos.

Congratulations to the winners,I humbly celebrate you all this achievement,hope to see something like this come up once again the future @leedsunited kudos to you for a job well done

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