Old McGotgame had a farm, scammy, spammy fuck.....

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Despite chatting in discord and asking me to lay off the accounts that were posting to SPS as they were new and hadn't learned how to do anything else yet on Steem, AND telling me he would watch for farms and stop people making more than one prediction post a day it seems I was being paid lip service......

Welcome to old McGotgames farm......

All these accounts are posting not once, not twice but thrice times daily and get upvoted from SPS (ie @gotgame) on day 5 to 7.....

Hang on, I don't see any link to @gotgame here........

........maybe not, but @steemd does....

There are loads of other links to other 'superstars' and I am sure there are other sets of accounts, but I will look a little more later.

So what happens is they get their 'rewards' , go straight to SE and sell them, and when the time comes, send the proceeds to @jutdagut.


I am currently not a referee, but it matters not. From now on, I will downvote every one of these accounts wherever on Steem they may post.

There's taking the piss, and there is directly taking the piss out of me @gotgame ..... Line crossed, game on


Did some flagging here: https://www.sportstalksocial.com/created/sportspredictsocial

Also flagged some accounts that are either 100% or mostly that sportpredictsocial spam.

Thank you for your support :-)

Hello @leedsunited, first of all I don't appreciate your allegations. They are totally uncalled for and untrue.

Firstly, when you chatted me up I told you that most of the users on SPS are new to the Steem blockchain and most probably never heard of it until I introduced it to them which is true and I don't think is far fetched.

Apart from that, I have it on good authority that some of these accounts are using dlike after I introduced it to them in one of the classes I held for onboarding new SPS users and probably some other dapps.

Secondly, I saw your downvotes on some accounts and I couldn't help but be amused. Most of the accounts you downvoted are ones in which I could vouch for their authenticity, why, because I know the operators of those accounts on first name basis. You want to meet them? Fine, let me know and I will introduce you to them.

About the mass transfers to @jutdagut, the operator of @jutdagut is a very good friend of mine and he has been using Steem for a little over two years now.

The reason for the mass transfer was because on that particular day I held a seminar where I conducted a tutorial for some users of SPS who also happen to be my friends here in Nigeria on how they could withdraw their earnings through steem-engine.

After they all sold their tokens, we found out that most of them had earnings that were not enough to withdraw to Steem directly as per Steem Engine rules, so @jutdagut suggested that they all transferred their tokens to his account so he could help each of these people get the equivalent of their tokens in Naira just for them to be able to verify that they could indeed convert their SPORTS tokens to hard currency. And I can assure you that is the only time that has happened, check steem-engine stream for proof

Initially I encouraged all of these people not to post more than once daily, but you couldn't have imagined their disappointment when after converting all these tokens back to Naira none of them had up to 1 dollar in rewards even though they had been posting for a while, it felt like a waste of time to them, so I gave the okay that they could post multiple times daily on the condition that they stake/burn a part of their rewards daily which I'm sure is already being adhered to by them, you can check their individual wallets and @null accounts for proof.

I cannot stop these people from selling their tokens for Christ's sake, it is their tokens and they worked for it.

That is all I have to say on this and it is the absolute truth from where I stand, if you still feel that you need to keep taking drastic actions such as downvoting SPS posts then I don't know how else I can convince you, but I sincerely hope that you would be reasonable enough to reevaluate your stance.

I wasn't paying any lip service, that's not the way I operate. I am a straight up guy and I don't have any intentions to scam anyone, though I don't expect you to believe that since you are already convinced that you caught a thief. I have a vision for SPS and that is my ultimate goal.

I rest my case sir.

Let's stick to known facts. These accounts are all following NO-ONE. They all post in succession between the same times three times a day. Strangely, not one of them has commented and asked why they have been downvoted and many are still posting away making me wonder whether they are simply bots...

Many of them are sending a few sports to NULL for no other reason than to make a profit. These profits will also be dented shortly.....

None have had any interaction at all with anyone else on Steem....

FARM. Simple. I will continue to downvote.....and where is your 'friend' @jutdagut ? has he no tongue in his head?

One other thing. Most of these accounts are a different set of accounts to the ones I and @erikah downvoted before. Have they been retired for now?

One final note......drop your sense of entitlement. Steem of which STS is a part, is not a money printing factory. It is a community of content creators and consumers. It is NOT a computer game where the aim is to gain free money for doing nothing. No one owes any one of us anything and rewards are decided by the communities and NOT by the most number of accounts or bots that post spam

I can't speak for @jutdagut presence. But I will reach out to him. You and I know that burning SPORTS tokens are not a guranteed way to make profit on SportsTalk, if there's a high number of accounts burning tokens I hardly think burning of tokens will be very profitable.

And among the accounts you downvoted are also part of the ones you are downvoting right now.

I don't agree with you that they all post in between the same times because I haven't seen the pattern that you are seeing and I don't even think many of them understand downvotes talkless of being aware that they are being downvoted.

Granted some of them are not following anybody, SPS has not provided that feature for them yet, not all Steem features have been added to SPS interface. Some of them happen to be following people.

I don't feel entitled to anything and I can say the say for the users of SPS, the content provided by SPS is predictions which is supposed to serve as an alternative to sports betting because that is what I had in mind while creating the platform.

Users are creating predictions, I don't see a problem with that. They don't interact with other users on Steem, do they have to? The website is for making predictions and getting rewarded and that is what I proposed to @patrickulrich when I approached him at the beginning of the project? SPS does not have features for interacting with other users yet, though had you cared to ask I would let you know that it is in the works and will be shipped soon.

If you understand how big the sports betting market in Nigeria is and how much people lose daily in Nigeria to sports betting then you would understand my motive for building the platform.

You have never used the app, I'm not even sure you know how it works yet you are on of its biggest critics. This is not a sense of entitlement, I haven't made up to $10 from SportsPredictSocial since its inception and that's because I see it more than a money printing machine and I am not looking for fast profits.

If you are angry because SPS users are selling their tokens then that's on you, I cannot restrict them from doing that, the app is not a FARM as you have been referring to it.

I have a plan for the platform that I am working on in order to make it profitable enough that the proceeds can be used to buy SPORTS tokens and prop up the price which is a good thing for everybody, but you chasing away the current users by restricting their rewards through downvotes won't help matters.

Now I can add a mandatory feature that limits users posts to once a day, but that really won't help matters with user acquisition on the platform, but that's okay.

But I'm going to ask you respectfully to stop addressing me as if you are addressing a scammer, you are hurting my image.