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RE: SPORTS TODAY 26th April- 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS giveaway

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This has not really happened yet but NFL will have its draft this coming week, starting Thursday. Its going to be very important for the team I follow, New England Patriots, as they are on the road to rebuilding. Curious if you or others follow this?


I too think so it going to be very important match hope they win

I do not follow theses but would be interest to see what others say and educate myself.

I dont follow the NFL much but how does the draft work? Is that how NFL teams get their up and coming players from the junior leagues?

Basically the upcoming players and also trades between teams. They kind of settle down any big changes before the start of the season

hmmm, i don't understand what you are saying o. well, i'll just stay watching to learn.

No I haven't really been following the NFL much. I tend to follow the NBA more instead.