Japan Bans BLM Propaganda from Olympics

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What's good Hive!?

First things first, i don't judge people by their color,
i judge people by what they do/create & by how they treat
other people/environment/animals.
I probably have more black than white friends worldwide,
but BLM is a racist, marxist propaganda movement sponsored
by the same billionaires who use every "Divide & Conquer"
they can find right now, to keep humanity from uniting.
Please check the documentary from the truth cat, that i post below.

Good News: Japan Bans BLM Propaganda from Olympics because of rule 50:

Rule 50:

What is Rule 50?
Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter provides a framework to protect the neutrality of sport and the Olympic Games. In addition to prohibiting commercial installations and advertising signs, it states that: “No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas”.

BLM Banned from Olympics.jpg

Odysee Destroys "Le China James" & Co.

Especially https://odysee.com/@SportsWars:6 and also
https://odysee.com/@blackandwhitesports:9 won't miss
an opportunity to "air out" fake "Le China James", who
is pushing this wanna be-woke racial,socialist propaganda.
In the meantime the NBA has the worst ratings in history,
because sports fans are totally "pissed off" by this
attempt to "muscle" their thinking & behavior.
"Taking a knee" is as wrong as the slogan: "Black Lives Matter" itself.
First of all, wasn't it the murderer who "took that knee"!?
And "All Life Matters" is wrong, but lamestream media pushed
"Divide & Conquer" propaganda BLM is ok!!??

Odysee Invitation

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/black-lives-matter-banned-at-tokyo/4c520e7c1299284bc4c0f5c0e4adca711929aeb7?r=C9VZcEYziiJdiik2wAY4ux6DULN7aDXw)

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/blm-gets-banned-from-2021-olympics!!/689741db77b695e39d7d3a3beb3a7e83a3c6fb02?r=C9VZcEYziiJdiik2wAY4ux6DULN7aDXw)

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/must-see-police-officer-ruthlessly-mocks/87f98ac93fc5eb303825565a65b48368f93d7b3d?r=C9VZcEYziiJdiik2wAY4ux6DULN7aDXw)

(Unsupported https://odysee.com/$/embed/suspended-police-officer-returns-refuses/2a4b420420dd84197e6b2066614dfb2507eae955?r=C9VZcEYziiJdiik2wAY4ux6DULN7aDXw)



Yep, most of us were raised to appreciate people for their character, not their color.

In general, if you're not down with that, you're probably a bigot or a racist. And I don't care what color you are. There are racists of every color.

If you want or need to "tribe up" then join good people with good character and opened minds. You'll be much happier. (That is directed at no individual, just in general)

Thank you for your excellent comment!
I can just agree with everything you said.👍
I love my #Hive Bees.😊
Good people around here!

Definitely good news all-round as politics has no place in sport and this is exactly what this is.

Exactly, it's about the sport.
Thanks for your feed back!

It'll be interesting if the NBA stars try to do it anyway and get booted out.

As far as i know, the NBA is doing it & the results:
Lowest NBA ratings in history, i think last weekend even
horse racing overtook them in viewers..🤣
Respect to the conscious consumer.

Respect to the conscious consumer.

indeed, the people have more power than they think!

True! That's the point.
Hopefully more people will overstand that.