NBA Sucks!

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Hi there, look what kind of a shit show the NBA became😝

5G ads in every corner and Black Lives Matter Propaganda
in big letters on the playground... wait where is the vomit emoji🤢 😜.
Shame on you, NBA.

So i like to do and also watch sports,

but that wack ass plandemic/scamdemic messed than one up,too.
First i canceled my DAZN subscription, because empty stadiums
or any other sport event without the fans is not worth paying.
I started to watch the Classics, from Pride MMA to Classic NBA
matches and now mostly boxing.
Today i wanted to "catch up" with the NBA, but it only took
literally a minute for me to stop watching and giving a f...
who is leading in the 2020 finals.

5G Is A Weapon Technology

I'm doing patent research over 20 years and maybe you can explain
to me why i find millimeter wave technology in the weapon classification,
or why the same kind of radiation is used in helicopters for
"crowd control" e.g....or why the telecommunication giants
like AT&T or the German Telekom didn't spend a buck to check your safety
on this radiation....or why this radiation can surpass your blood brain
barrier which protects your brain....or why Robert Kennedy dedicated
half of his speech in Berlin on the 29.08.2020 to 5G...or why we have
multiple petitions running in Germany against the 5G roll out...?!

Because it's depopulation time with the help of your lovely NBA.

F... anybody involved.Period.The NBA already "introduced" the
smart ring (tracking) ,Kuzma from the Lakers was the only one
who said something against it as far as i heard.
But most of the obedient millionaire NBA pla..itches will
promote anything to get their pay check, won't they!?
I saw the #5G ad before covid-19 on the basket cameras already,
but now it's BIG...excuse me🤢
It is so sad, because the NBA players are big role models
for the kids and to make them think 5G is ok is nothing else
but an evil deception. Kids brains (still growing) are even
more exposed to this harmful radiation.

BLM, ok gimmi a break and listen to the Truth Cat,

she will explain that one for me (Video below).
This is all i say...just follow the money and see who
is financing BLM. 1 Blood. 1 Love. All Lives Matter.
Shame on you again, NBA, shitty propaganda show.

Watch some classics and let's bring back the fans!

Fight the scamdemic and boycott Sports like this.
Be a conscious consumer.

Thank You


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